Whole Foods ‘nickels’ to help Land Conservancy

February 2, 2010

Whole Foods customers who get a five-cent rebate for toting reusable shopping bags can now convert that nickel into a contribution to the Land Conservancy.

Through April 30, the Land Conservancy will be one of two organizations featured in the Nickels for Non-Profits program at the Whole Foods Market at the corner of Cedar and Warrensville Center roads in University Heights.

Nickels for Non-Profits is an easy opportunity for customers to give back to their community. Each time you use a reusable shopping bag at Whole Foods Market, 13998 Cedar Road, you will be given a five-cent rebate. Simply choose the wooden nickel [glossary_exclude]option[/glossary_exclude] and drop it in the Western Reserve Land Conservancy slot in the holder located between the café and the main exit.

For more information on the store and the Nickels for Non-Profits program, visit