Carbon Credits

With the majority of the U.S. population in cities and towns, it is imperative that we create livable communities that support the health and well-being of all residents. Trees are one part of the equation in building a future that is resilient to the effects of climate change for everyone to thrive.

Trees provide many essential benefits to people, cities, wildlife, and the environment by trapping air and water pollution, creating habitats, and increasing property values. In recent years, their capacity to store carbon has been gaining global attention as an important tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Recognizing the role trees play in a healthy environment, Western Reserve Land Conservancy has prioritized conserving forests and planting trees in nearly 30 counties in northern Ohio. Our organization is leading a national effort among land trusts to create a carbon credit market that supports our efforts to permanently protect forests and trees now and for future generations.

A Local Solution to an International Problem

Western Reserve Land Conservancy is partnering with City Forest Credits to register projects to protect and restore the forests of northern Ohio and directly benefit communities in our service area. Our partnership aligns with our mission to provide the people of our region with essential natural assets through land conservation and restoration. We envision thriving, prosperous communities nourished by vibrant natural lands, working farms, and healthy cities.

The Land Conservancy currently has six carbon credit projects that are in various stages of registration with numerous credits currently available for purchase. To date, Western Reserve Land Conservancy has made several carbon credit sales, both nationally and locally. The carbon credit market represents an exciting opportunity to generate funding within our scope of programs and projects to further support our conservation and restoration work. Our goal is to complete three to five carbon credit projects every year. We are currently developing several new projects to bring on board across our service region, encompassing a diverse range of landscapes.

We look forward to helping more corporations in northern Ohio and beyond reach their sustainability, social responsibility, and emissions reduction goals through this innovative program.

Available Credits
Black Fork Forest
Whittlesey Beach
Sandy Cross Forest
Shelter Hill Forest
Alex Czayka, Chief Conservation Officer