Who We Are


Natural Resources

Our Commitment to Preservation of Northeastern Ohio's Natural Areas

We are conservationists, urban planners, biologists, lawyers, communicators, real estate professionals, fundraisers and public policy experts. At Western Reserve Land Conservancy, we share a passion for protecting our natural resources and revitalizing our communities.

Our Mission & Vision

Our guiding principles help ensure we act as the best possible stewards of land in the areas we cover. Our mission statement, our vision, and our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice make it possible for us to approach our work with care and reverence for the natural world.

Our Staff

The Land Conservancy staff is dedicated to preserving natural areas, farmland and coastal lands in northern and eastern Ohio and working statewide to help cities devastated by the foreclosure crisis. Our team members are as much at home wading into a marsh as walking into a meeting room.

Our Trustees

We are governed by a talented, dedicated and passionate group of business and civic leaders. Members of our board of trustees come from all sorts of different areas and backgrounds, but all are committed to our work at the Land Conservancy.

Our History

Western Reserve Land Conservancy is the largest land trust in Ohio and one of the largest land trust organizations in the nation. It was created through the largest merger of its type in U.S. history, and our dedication to our work has only intensified from there.