White Oak Legacy Society



Make a Planned Gift

The White Oak Legacy Society is a special group of Western Reserve Land Conservancy supporters who have made a lasting commitment to land protection and urban revitalization through a variety of estate-planning tools.

Options for Contributing

Among the estate-planning tools used by White Oak Legacy Society members to contribute to our nature conservation nonprofit are:

  • Bequest in a will or trust
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • IRA designations
  • Gifts of life insurance

Recognizing the Important Contributions of Our Supporters

The Land Conservancy honors White Oak Legacy Society members by listing their names in our annual donor report and holding special recognition events. In all instances, we honor the wishes of those members who prefer to remain anonymous.

Annual Donor Report

Legacy Society Members

We thank our White Oak Legacy Society members:

  • Anonymous (6)
  • Mr. William Abell
  • Edward Baker and Anna van Heeckeren
  • Peter and Molly Balunek
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Benson
  • Mr. Richard C. Berg
  • Susi Brown
  • Ms. Jane C. Busch
  • Dr. Julie Clayman
  • Mr. Richard and Dr. Jennifer Cochran
  • Margaret E. Cummins
  • Beau Daane
  • Ted and Anne deConingh
  • Mary and Perry Doermann
  • Louise M. Foster
  • Mark Frank
  • Roger Fuhrmeyer
  • Laurel Gress
  • Sue Grimm
  • Corinne P. Hadley
  • Jeff Holland and Marjorie Muirden
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hyde
  • Charlotte Karson Daiber
  • Kathy K. Leavenworth
  • Elsie Lutman
  • John and Kathryn Makley
  • Dave and Ellen Mayo
  • Claire and Sandy McMillan
  • Bruce Merchant and Sandra Reel
  • Bill and Hattie Mulligan
  • Nora Lynn Nemec
  • Faith E. Pescatore
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rainger
  • Mindy and Tim Remington
  • Marc and Nancy Rubin
  • Richard and Tamara Rynearson
  • Mrs. Arlene J. Sahr
  • Franz and Beth Sauerland
  • Inga Schmidt and Bruce Lindsay
  • Mitchell and Kyla Schneider
  • Virginia Shaw
  • Karin Tanquist and Patrick Coy
  • Judith Ann and William Tucholsky
  • Bill and Cynthia VerDuin
  • Bill Weber
  • Helen Wheeler
  • Gary and Beverly White
  • Dick and Jane Whitehead
  • Carter Wilmot
  • Loyal and Margaret Wilson
  • Mr. Arthur P. Ziegler, Jr.

Forever Friends

We honor and recognize our Forever Friends, members of the White Oak Legacy Society who have passed away:

  • Stanley and Hope Adelstein
  • Dr. Jay Ankeney
  • Thomas E. Baker
  • Edith Chase
  • Mr. Othmar Elber
  • Dick Grimm
  • Mary Jane Hartwell
  • Ferdinand and Marguerite Jereb
  • Hugh and Gretta Pallister
  • Dr. George Peterson
  • Dr. John B. Peterson
  • Rose Scheeff
  • Charlotte Stafford
  • Herbert J. and Faith Swanson
  • Jean P. Thompson
  • Dr. Barry Walker
  • Mary Weber
  • Genevieve Wilmot

Legacy: A willed gift of money or other personal property.

Bequest: A willed gift of personal property (automobiles, furniture) – as opposed to real property, such as land – defined as a devise, which disposes of real or personal property by will.