Our Mission


Conservation & Restoration

The Guiding Philosophy of the Land Conservancy

At Western Reserve Land Conservancy, our mission is to provide the people of our region with essential natural assets through land conservation and restoration.

Our Vision

Thriving, prosperous communities nourished by vibrant natural lands, working farms, and healthy cities.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Vision Statement

Our firm commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice will harness the greatest passion and develop the best ideas to fulfill our conservation and restoration mission, and advance a shared vision for our region’s land, people and communities.

There is nothing more beautiful than a crisp fall day in northern Ohio. The sun shimmering on our great Lake Erie; the red and yellow leaves of a beech maple forest; the long views of crop and pasture land framed by towering forests; and the gentle murmuring rivers that run through our glacial landscape. We love the Western Reserve. It is where we rear our children and where our hearts reside.

Our vision is that today, a decade from now and beyond the time that we can imagine, the Western Reserve will be a stunningly beautiful and healthy place. An authentic place filled with breathtaking scenic views, abundant clean rivers and lakes, miles and miles of connected trails for hiking, biking, skiing, and horseback riding; and an accessible, clean and safe great lake for world class fishing, swimming and boating.

Development will be concentrated in historic urban areas such as Cleveland and Akron; in historic Western Reserve villages such as Chagrin Falls, Brecksville, Medina and Bay Village; and, as needed, in new areas that promote lasting, community-oriented development. Working farms will flourish, supported by local markets that provide healthy and fresh produce that connects citizens to the land in a tangible, enduring way. Parks and preserves will provide people with a special connection to the land, a safe place where children can play, and a quality of life that attracts and retains as residents a great diversity of people.

The Land Conservancy inspires citizens throughout our region in the effort to protect land and water for the benefit of all of our communities, creating a habitat that serves people. We envision a healthy and scenic landscape, a patchwork quilt of large natural areas connected by wildlife and river corridors, a beautiful region interspersed with well-planned agricultural, residential and commercial development that supports the people of our region now and forever.