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Ways to Get Involved with Our Work

We always appreciate the assistance of the community, whether it’s by donating money, preserving land or getting directly involved in the work we do as a nonprofit conservation group. Explore your options for getting involved below.


We depend on our supporters to help us carry out our important work. Please consider making a donation to continue making our work possible.

Corporate Partnerships

We have been fortunate to connect with a number of companies that sponsor our work or get involved via volunteering at stream cleanups, invasive plant removals, neighborhood beautification and more. If you think your organization might be interested in partnering with us, find more details at the link.

Preserve Your Land

We make it easy to set up protections for your land. Each preservation situation is unique, so there’s a vast array of options for arranging protections. We’ll work with you every step of the way, making sure you have every opportunity to preserve your land for future generations.

Join a Chapter

Our chapters represent our feet on the ground as they support the Land Conservancy’s work in a specific region, may hold informational meetings and organize outreach events. Chapter volunteers help us by staffing booths at events, sending letters and providing specialized services. To learn about a chapter in your area or to volunteer, please contact us at (440) 528-4150.

Buy or Sell Conservation Properties

As part of our efforts to preserve the natural world in our corner of it, we make it possible to both sell and purchase conservation properties. If you want to sell land while maintaining its natural character, or buy natural properties around Northeast Ohio, check out the options here.