Our Trustees

Mitchell Schneider

Mitchell Schneider is the President of First Interstate Properties, Ltd., a Lyndhurst, Ohio based real estate development and management company. First Interstate has built a sound reputation as a responsible, can-do developer of environmentally respectful, high-impact projects that create value for surrounding communities, for residents and occupants, and for the investment community.

First Interstate is the developer of, among other projects, Cleveland’s first major power center – Steelyard Commons – a former industrial brownfield that was transformed into a major urban retail center that serves the needs of Cleveland’s underserved neighborhoods.  As part of Steelyard Common’s development, Mr. Schneider and First Interstate were instrumental in providing both access and funding to complete the first mile of the Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail, which winds its way through the shopping center.  First Interstate has also contributed to a number of conservation projects including adding 42 acres to the Chagrin River Park in Lake County and restoring portions of Euclid Creek in Lyndhurst, Ohio.

Mitchell Schneider is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of Legacy Capital Partners, a real estate private equity firm specializing in investing in real estate assets around the United States. Legacy Capital Partners’ investment strategy is focused on value creation opportunities with a concentration on Class B for-rent multi-family projects.  To date, Legacy Capital Partners has invested in more than 58 projects around the country.

Mr. Schneider also contributes his time as a Special Advisors to the Investment Committee of National Real Estate Advisors, a pension fund manager primarily advising the $2 Billion Dollar INDURE Build to Core Fund.

Mr. Schneider joined the Western Reserve Land Conservancy Board of Trustees in 2010 and, in 2018, was appointed as Chairman of the Board.

On a personal level, Mr. Schneider is a passionate conservationist and, in 2001, donated a conservation easement on his Solon property expanding a conservation corridor to protect the North Branch of Sulphur Springs. This very clean, cold, scenic stream is a very popular feature of the adjacent Cleveland Metroparks’ South Chagrin Reservation and supports a population of breeding brook trout.