Russell Township Park District and Western Reserve Land Conservancy save Modroo Farm

December 16, 2016

Western Reserve Land Conservancy has officially acquired 53 acres of the historic Modroo family farm in Geauga County and transferred ownership to the Russell Township Park District. The land will be managed by the park district as a public park named Modroo Farm Preserve. It will offer public access for hiking, bird watching and other passive recreational activities.

“We began working with the Modroo family in the early 1990s to permanently preserve the historic farm considered to be the gateway to Russell Township,” explained Rich Cochran, president and CEO of the Land Conservancy. “Today, in partnership with the Russell Township Park District and so many generous members of the community, we are thrilled to announce that we have saved the farm and it will now become a beautiful community park.”

When the Modroo family put the property up for sale in July 2015, the Land Conservancy began negotiations to acquire 53 acres of the property. In June 2016, the Land Conservancy and the Russell Township Park District announced a partnership to move forward with the purchase of the 53 acres and creation of a public park.

Russell Township Park District and the Land Conservancy have worked together to ensure the conservation of important natural areas and provision of limited recreational activities on Modroo Farm Preserve. A one-mile interpretive trail will be woven throughout the property providing the opportunity for visitors to observe old field, forest and wetland habitats and the wildlife they support.

Funding for the project was provided by a park district levy designated for land acquisition and generous donations from individuals in the community. The Land Conservancy will continue to raise funds for the project until all of its obligations are met; there are several naming opportunities available to donors.

“We cherish this area of the Chagrin Valley because of scenic natural areas like Modroo Farm Preserve,” noted Cochran. “Western Reserve Land Conservancy thanks all those who made it possible to add this iconic property to our community’s collection of precious places.”