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Tree Planting & Care Education

Western Reserve Land Conservancy hosts Sherwick Tree Steward Trainings where interested individuals learn how to plant and maintain trees. Training residents to maintain existing and newly planted trees is critical to the success of the Cleveland Tree Plan and our collective reforestation work.

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We frequently update our calendar of upcoming Sherwick Tree Steward Trainings. You can sign up at the link below. You can also register to receive Tree Steward Training program notifications.

Goals of the Sherwick Tree Steward Training program:
  • Provide quality tree care and increase public awareness and appreciation for sustainable urban forests in communities and municipalities facing financial and political constraints
  • Empower a committed group of volunteers
  • Provide tree-based training and service learning opportunities for volunteers
  • Ensure every tree planted is properly cared for
  • Supply trees to communities through the Reforest Our City grant program
Tree Steward Training Objectives
  • Tree Stewards will participate in and support Reforest Our City events
  • Tree Stewards will engage neighbors, block clubs, church groups, community development corporations and others in tree planting and maintenance
  • Tree Stewards will share important tree care and planting information with their communities
  • Tree Stewards will help train and manage volunteers
  • Register for and complete Sherwick Tree Steward Training, including all sessions and labs
  • Believe in the value of trees to a community and have the desire to make a difference
  • Have an interest in learning more about arboriculture
  • Be able to do moderate physical work
  • Have the willingness and desire to work in diverse communities


  • Complimentary classes, tools, invitations to special events and recognition programs
  • Opportunity to make a positive difference in the community
  • Opportunities to learn basic arboriculture skills and to share your skills and passion with others
  • Meet and network with new people who share similar beliefs and enjoy caring for the outdoors

But the Growing Doesn’t Stop Here!

After becoming an official Reforest Our City tree steward, you have the opportunity to participate in our graduate programming.

Our graduate programming allows you to play an even greater role in reforesting our city. For example, after graduating from Tree Steward Training, you can participate in our planting leader training. Our planting leaders are trained in the planting and maintenance of trees to the standards of care used by ROC and equipped to pass on their knowledge by providing instruction and guidance to groups at community plantings and tree care events.

After going through this program, you will be prepared to lead 3-5 volunteers at our tree plantings – passing on your knowledge, providing guidance/instruction and building connections.

This Virtual Workshop Includes:

  • A quick review of ROC planting program goals
  • A refresher on proper tree planting and tree care techniques
  • A step-by-step guide in leading volunteers throughout a tree planting
  • Good volunteer engagement strategies that keep everyone involved
  • Learning how to deliver a tree-planting demonstration
  • Learning how to manage novice tree planters once they begin planting on their own. If you have gone through our Tree Steward Training before registering and are interested in becoming a planting leader, please email Additional graduate programming is coming soon.